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Grown men like to style too

Great for all of occasions, show your dressy side, wear jewelry everywhere from Sun Creations by Wendy Turner

Love all my Emerald Sun Creations purchases!

I receive two compliments on my Silver Moon earrings the first evening I wore them. Thank you, Wendy Turner, for all you do!

I love that you received comments on your Emerald Sun jewelry! They look great on you! Our Mystic Silver Moon earrings are one of my personal favorites. Thank you so much for your purchases!


Happy Birthday to me . I love both of my necklaces I got .I like the length of the necklace it sits right in the center of your chest . It’s amazing how you put them together. Colors and all . AMAZING

Happy Birthday! I'm so happy that you love your new necklaces! You look great in our Sun Warrior Necklace! Thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate your business! :D

Happy Birthday to me .

I just want to say how much I love the necklace and bracelet I got . The colors go together so perfect plus I love blue and brown . I love the orange and black necklace with a tassel on it . It’s one of my favorite . Thanks

Happy Birthday! I'm so happy that you love your new Emerald Sun Creations necklaces! Thank you so much for the kind words. We really appreciate your business! ♡

Christmas in July

I just got my order and I can’t say enough how much I love everything I order . The colors in the brackets are just beautiful. I love the necklace I got and the craftsmanship is so amazing. I’ll be back for more Christmas items. 😊

Wow! I love your selections! Thank you so much for the kind words. I work really hard to create high-quality jewelry. I'm so happy that you appreciate the craftsmanship behind each piece. Thank you so much for your support! And I can't wait to see you back for Christmas shopping!

Great for the stage!

I love my Emerald Sun Creations jewelry and wear it every night on stage. It helps me feel confident and look sharp for my performances with my band. Great quality and definitely makes me stand out in the crowd!
Mark May- Musician/Producer

Wow! It's wonderful to think that my jewelry is being displayed on stage with you and your band! I'm so happy that you love your Emerald Sun Creations jewelry. We welcome musicians to shop our stage worthy jewelry! Thank you so much for your support! ♡

Exceeded my expectations!

Ordered a necklace and upon receipt, it exceeded my expectations- great service and great prices. Owner committed to excellent service- even sent a pic before finalizing the order.

We're so happy that we exceeded your expectations! Thank you for trusting us to create a custom order for you. We truly appreciate your kind words. :)

Great jewelry!

Great jewelry! I wear my bracelet everyday and get so many complements on it. I also like that some of the proceeds go to an important animal cause. That’s dope!

I'm so happy that you're enjoying your bracelet! And yes, we donate 10% of our profits to animal rescues. We love the fur babies. Thanks for your support!

Everything is so beautiful!

I love shopping with Emerald Sun Creations! The shipping is quick and the jewelry is QUALITY! Everything is so beautiful and you can see how much work has been put into each item.

Thank you so much for the kind words. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, handmade jewelry. Thank you so much for your support!