Emerald Sun Creations Turns 5!

Emerald Sun Creations Turns 5!

It's double the celebration here at Emerald Sun Creations! My little gem, Emerald Sun Creations - your destination for beautiful handmade gemstone jewelry, is celebrating it's 5th anniversary! And not only that, I'm also celebrating my fabulous 40th birthday!

Thank You for Being Apart of this wonderful Journey!

As the owner and jewelry designer behind Emerald Sun Creations, it's hard to believe that five incredible years have passed since I first launched my little gem. It was a dream fueled by a passion for creating and only continues because of the support I get from my awesome customers! Every purchase, every like, every request and suggestion, all means the world to me. You've helped my small business grow and evolve, and for that, I am eternally grateful. ♡

A Sparkling Future with New Gemstone Jewelry Collections

As I reflect on this wonderful milestone, I'm brimming with excitement for what's to come! Here's a sneak peek at some upcoming, dazzling new additions that are coming soon to Emerald Sun Creations:

More Sterling Silver Jewelry!

You've been asking, and I'm listening! I'll be introducing a stunning new collection of jewelry crafted with high-quality sterling silver for all my silver loving Babes out there! I guess I have been a bit bias towards gold jewelry and focused a little too heavily on creating mostly gold jewels. My Bad! Lol! 😅 But don't fret, more silver is on the way!

More sizing for Men's Gemstone Jewelry!

I am loving all of the suggestions and inquiries from my customers. Really! It's help me out tremendously to know exactly how I can better serve you guys! So, I'm thrilled to announce that soon I'll be adding more to my men's collection! More necklaces with various sizes, more bracelets, also with additional sizing, new simpler designs and more! Stay tuned for more unique pieces for you and the stylish men in your life!

And of course, More Fresh Designs with New Gemstones! Life be lifing and I have to admit, I've been struggling creatively lately. But with a little self-care, mediation, and a change of scenery, I'm slowly slipping out of my slum and feeling refreshed with new ideas. Honestly, celebrating my shop's 5th Anniversary and my 40th Birthday has really lit a fire under me. My little gem is now 5 years in the making and I want to see it grow to be so much more! So here's to a consistent flow of new and unique designs featuring the gorgeous gemstones you all have come to love.

Growing Together as a Small Business Owner with a Dream

As I make my 40th trip around the sun, it is a beautiful reminder for me that it's never too late to chase your dreams. There will be challenges and triumphs along the way, but with passion, dedication, and the incredible support of my customers, anything is possible. If you're a fellow entrepreneur with a dream, here's a word of encouragement: keep going! Never stop learning, never stop growing, and most importantly, never stop believing in the power of your creations. Create something new, create something inspiring, and create something that makes you happy!

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about upcoming gemstone jewelry launches, exclusive anniversary deals, and more! Here's to five sparkling years, many more to come, and a very happy 40th birthday to me!

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