Embracing Vegan Jewelry: Why I Don’t Use Shells In My Creations

Embracing Vegan Jewelry: Why I Don’t Use Shells In My Creations

Hi Gem Lovers, Wendy here! I recently watched a really interesting YouTube video that reminded me of why I choose to make my jewelry creations with vegan materials and thought that it would make a great entry for my Emerald Sun Journal! Join me as I share my thoughts on creating vegan jewelry and why specifically I choose not to use sea shells.

This video was from one of my favorite animal-related channels, The Dodo, and it talks about the ethical implications of the overload of plastic in the world, why you shouldn’t remove sea shells from the beach and how it affects beach dwellers, like hermit crabs and other marine life. As a jewelry designer, I've made a conscious decision to not use shells in my creations for this very reason and think that the video below perfectly explains why.

Did you know that hermit crabs did this? When faced with the scarcity of beach shells and the overload of plastic trash in our oceans, these little guys have resorted to using plastic debris as their homes. Wild right? By choosing not to use shells in my jewelry creations, I’m hoping to avoid contributing to this environmental issue and show my customers (you guys) that my brand stands for compassion towards all living beings. 

Shell is not the only material that I avoid using in my designs. Check out my ABOUT US page to learn what goes into my jewelry and more importantly, what doesn't. I also try to keep plastic out of my packaging and shipping materials. You can also read all about my plastic-free mission HERE

By the way, check out our Eco-Friendly Collection created with recycled glass and paper beads! View the collection HERE.

In closing, I would like to thank all my customers for supporting brands like mine that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices. Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for a more ethical and conscious jewelry industry.


Photo by Mark Harpur on Unsplash



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