Emerald Sun Creations - April Donations

Emerald Sun Creations - April Donations

10% of our April profits were donated to ThisIsHouston! ThisIsHouston is an animal rescue group that is dedicated to animal welfare issues in Houston, Texas. I currently live in Houston and have seen the problem firsthand of strays in the city. I've stopped serval times on my way to and from work to try and rescue a stray animal. So this problem in Houston is very real. ThisIsHouston works hard by focusing on the overpopulation of strays in the city and works to locate, rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for these sweet animals.

"Our mission is to spread awareness, promote compassion, and inspire change by tackling animal welfare issues in Houston and the surrounding areas." - ThisIsHouston

Visit ThisIsHouston

Please feel free to donate to this organization directly! Tell them Emerald Sun Creations sent you. ;)

Thank you to all who bought from my shop in the month of April! Together we donated to another worthy animal rescue organization. Thanks my friends! 

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