Emerald Sun Creations - August Donations

Emerald Sun Creations - August Donations

Hey Friends! I'm a little late this month with our donations but, it is done. 10% of our August profits were donated to ThisIsHouston! I've donated to ThisIsHouston before and was inspired to give them some support again. The work that they do to help animals that have been forgotten or ignored on the streets of Houston is admirable. Following their social media, I came across so many animals that needed help. If you go to their site there's a way to donate directly to a specific animal's vet bills. But I saw so many animals that I wanted to help directly that I felt bad donating to a specific one. So our donation this month was just a general donation for the whole rescue. But I encourage everyone who is reading this to visit their site often to help with the influx of animals in need.

"Our mission is to spread awareness, promote compassion, and inspire change by tackling animal welfare issues in Houston and the surrounding areas." - ThisIsHouston

Visit ThisIsHouston

Please feel free to donate to this organization directly! Tell them Emerald Sun Creations sent you. ;)

Thank you to all who bought from my shop in the month of August! Together we donated to another worthy animal rescue organization. Thanks my friends!

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P.S. - Sorry for being a little MIA this month. I recently had a very personal and important surgical procedure done. Something that I've needed for a very long time finally happened. I had a breast reduction. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share something this personal about myself on my site but I'm human and thought that it would help someone out there to make the decision to get it done. For years I've suffered with horrible back, neck, and shoulder pain and wasn't sure about getting the procedure done. But as I've heard from others who have also gotten breast reductions, I wish I had gotten it done sooner. I feel such a relief and a renewed self confidence now! Yay me! Anywho, all is well and now it's back to business. Just thought I'd throw that out there. If that was a little TMI then I apologize. I hope everyone is doing well. Until next time! 

- Wendy

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