Emerald Sun Creations | December Donations

Emerald Sun Creations | December Donations

Hi Everyone!

We're ending the year 2021 with a BANG! Emerald Sun Creations received so much love this month that it really put me in the giving spirit. This month I personally matched the donations to double the impact and help more fur babies in need. 3 beautiful dogs caught my eye and I had to help.  Betsy, Joey, and Snow are 3 dogs that the organization, ThisIsHouston, had found and rescued. Seeing these little guys in pain, I knew I wanted to help them directly.  So, 10% of purchases made this month were matched and donated to help with vet bills and recovery for these 3 sweet doggies.

These donations were made to ThisIsHouston via Cuddly.com. To learn more about this shelter visit ThisIsHouston.

These animals and so many more need help. To donate directly to ThisIsHouston or to these fur babies, check out the links below. 

Learn more about Betsy

Learn more about Joey

Learn more about Snow

Visit ThisIsHouston.

Thank you to all who have purchased from my shop! This year was amazing! (aside from the Covid craziness) Let's enter 2022 with big hearts full of good intentions.

P.S. Check out our 2021 Year in Review to see how we did this year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Wendy, Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

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