Emerald Sun Creations - June Donations

Emerald Sun Creations - June Donations

Hey Fam! I hope summer is treating you kindly. It's hot, rainy, and muggy here in Houston, so naturally I'm pretty miserable. Lol! I'm not gonna lie, June was a bit of a slow month for us. Being a new business owner, I found out that it's completely normal to have slow months in the summer. But we still had our wonderfully loyal customers shop with us last month. Thank you guys so much for your support!

So, it's that time of the month again and I guarantee this one will make you say, "AWWW!" 10% of our June profits were donated to The Bush Babies! 

The Bush Babies is an environmental education program offered to schools in the surrounding areas of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. This program works with kids 12-17 years old and teachers them in-depth introductions into conservation, ecology, the big five (which I just learned is five personality traits that correlate to positive environmental engagement), the importance of rhinos, and much more! They also have a Mini Bush Babies program that's offered to younger kids that also teaches conservation but on a less formal, more hands on approach. I love everything about these programs! 

"To provide a long-term solution in the fight against poaching we created a community based project to develop a conservation philosophy within local communities." - The Bush Babies

Visit The Bush Babies

Please feel free to donate to this organization directly! Tell them Emerald Sun Creations sent you. ;)

Thank you to all who bought from my shop in the month of June. Again, I really appreciate it! Together we donated to another great organization. Thanks my friends!

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