For Buddy and Bella

For Buddy and Bella

Hi Fam!

I would like to first give a HUGE thanks to everyone who bought from my shop recently. Everything that I've learned about running a business, especially an e-commerce jewelry business, is that Summer sales are usually slow and sparse. So, imagine my surprise when I received a good bit of orders during the month of July! I am truly thankful for my tried and true return customers as well as my new customers for taking the time to shop my store and buy a little something unique and special from a small business. I am humbly grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you so much for supporting my dreams and my small business. ♡

With that being said we were able to donate 10% of our profits to two beautiful animals for the month of July. If you don't know, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for senior animals. They're like little furry grandmas and grandpas! LOL! Is that weird to say? Well, they are! They're so freaking adorable the older they get. But I'm not going to beat around the bush, taking care of a senior animal means being there for them, keeping up on their senior care, and of course more sleepy snuggle time! But unfortunately, it also means an occasional influx of vet bills for their senior care. Dealing with vet bills can get tough, but I would encourage anyone out there with a senior animal that the best thing you can do for your pet is to not give up on them. I hear such horrible stories about families growing tired of their older pets and heartlessly dropping them off at a shelter. Or even worse, abandoning them on the streets and forcing them to fend for themselves. Just imagine being that animal and living with a family for years only to be dumped in a strange new place with people and other animals that you don't know, just for growing old. Be there for your fur babies and just do the best that you can for them. If you can't, don't abandon them, ask for help. For my recent donation, I chose two senior dogs that have two very interesting stories to tell. Check out their stories below.

About Buddy "Buddy is incredibly stoic and strong but even he can't hide the despair in his eyes when we look at him. Found deteriorating on the streets with no family in sight - likely after they dumped him for getting too old - Buddy was taken to the local shelter where he tried to find some semblance of peace in his cage. As a senior though, he found little. Parts of his fur are missing thanks to infection, he has some scarring from unknown trauma, his skin is dry, and he has cataracts in his eyes. To make matters worse, it's believed that both his hearing and sight are going. - Since he's older, we don't know how much time we will have with him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve some kindness and human decency in the time he has left. " - Jersey Pits Rescue (via 

Our donation was a monetary donation put towards helping Buddy with any treatment and care. You're a good boy, Buddy!

About Bella - "Bella's owner is in a program where he is being helped in finding employment and gaining job employment skills. He's about to enter an internship where he can be paid and can learn job skills while he earns an income. He gets social security income as well but doesn't get a lot so that's why he reached out for help. He really cares for his dogs but didn't have the means to get veterinary services. - This is why we took Bella under our wing. She has a mouth full of rotten teeth that need to be extracted, and she suffers from intense skin allergies. These are easy, but EXPENSIVE fixes. " -  Lori's Angels Animals Rescue (via 

Our donation was a monetary donation put towards Bella's vet bills and her recovery. Get better soon, Beautiful Bella!

If you would like to learn more about these rescues, please visit the links below. Also, as always, please feel free to donate to these organizations directly! Tell them Emerald Sun Creations sent you. ;)

Donate to help Buddy with the Jersey Pits Rescue

Donate to help Bella with the Lori's Angels Animal Rescue

Thank you to all who have purchased from my shop! Together, we donated and hopefully change the lives of some beautiful animals. Thanks, my friends!


Wendy, Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

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