For Isabella, Pepper, & Cracker Jack

For Isabella, Pepper, & Cracker Jack

Hey Beautiful People!

I’m back with another donation update! First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who purchased from my shop recently. I am forever grateful for your wonder support! I hope you are enjoying your new ESC jewelry! ♡ Because of you, I was able to donate 10% of my profits to help three sweet senior dogs named Isabella, Pepper, and Cracker Jack!

Isabella, Pepper, and Cracker Jack are three sweet senior dogs that were unfortunately sent to an overcrowded shelter after the death of their beloved owner. When I read their story I immediately sympathized with them because their human that they’ve known for most of their life was suddenly gone and now they’re sitting in a crowded shelter scared, alone, and confused. Thankfully they have each other to cling to for comfort.

“We couldn't bear the thought of them spending their golden years in a shelter without love or comfort and happily welcomed them into our care, providing them with the sanctuary they desperately need. To ensure their well-being and readiness for adoption, we must address their immediate health concerns. Each of these senior dogs requires grooming and dental care, helping them regain their confidence and restoring their physical health. Additionally, two of these gentle souls have injured legs that demand specialized attention and care.” - Animal Ark Rescue

I'm so happy that we can help support these sweet babies in their recovery and preparation for a new forever home. We wish Isabella, Pepper, and Cracker Jack a healthy recovery and hope that they can find a caring and loving forever home together! ♡

A monetary donation was made via towards Isabella, Pepper, and Cracker Jack’s cause. Help their cause by Donating via To learn more about the shelter that rescued this trio, visit Animal Ark Rescue.

Thanks again for purchasing from my shop and helping me support animal causes that are close to my heart. Love you guys! ♡

- Until next time.

Wendy, Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

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