For Vinnie

For Vinnie

Hey everyone! 

Wendy here, with another donation update! Let me start by thanking everyone who purchased from my shop recently. Thank you so much for supporting me! I truly hope you're enjoying your new jewelry from Emerald Sun Creations! ♡ From your purchases, I donated 10% of my profits to help Vinnie, a sweet doggo from Cleveland, Texas! Here's Vinnie's story...

About Vinnie - “In the heart of Cleveland, Texas, a dog named Vinnie was found on the streets, his neck bearing the harrowing marks of a deeply embedded collar. The extent of his suffering is difficult to fathom – his neck is ravaged by infections SO badly to the point that surgery is necessary. The pain Vinnie has endured is beyond comprehension, leaving us all in disbelief that such neglect and agony could persist for not just months, but potentially YEARS. Our first real glimpses of what Vinnie is dealing with came the second he got to us: With his collar still painfully wrapped around his neck, embedded and lodged SO deeply into his skin, which had been there for SO long…and that’s just what’s visible to the naked eye. God-knows-what other issues are lying, hidden, and unseen; waiting to be discovered through diagnostics.” - Tootsie Dog Rescue Foundation

It saddens me to see dogs abused so senselessly. I often wonder why some people even have a dog if their intentions are to not take care of them. But I'm so happy that we can help in a small way to support animals like Vinnie and help restore their faith in humanity. We are wishing Vinnie a healthy and speedy recovery and hope he can find a forever home full of love, safety and comfort! ♡

A monetary donation was made via towards Vinnie’s cause. You can help his cause by Donating via To learn more about the shelter that rescued Vinnie, visit Tootsie Dog Rescue Foundation.

Thanks again for purchasing from my shop and helping me support animal causes that are close to my heart. Love you guys! ♡

- Until next time.

Wendy, Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

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