November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

Hi Friends!

Here at Emerald Sun Creations we're all about the beautiful gemstones in our jewelry, but we're also just as invested in animal welfare. This month we're talking about something that is near and dear to my heart. Senior dogs! November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and as someone who lives with senior pets, I can say first hand that they are an absolute joy to live with. But did you know that senior dogs are often over looked in shelters?

Senior animals spend much longer in shelters than younger ones, which is unfortunate because these animals are usually the ones that are better mannered (which makes them excellent with children), already housebroken, and are usually already socialized (which means they can adapt to environments and new families quicker). They are literally the perfect companions!

For families looking for a pet to add to their family, I sincerely encourage you to seek out a senior pet at your local shelter. Did you know that dogs older than 7 years are considered senior animals? I had no idea my boy Charlie is considered a "senior". He still has a very playful and rowdy spirit and he's only 9 years old. I also have a very sweet and spunky 15 year old named Benji who, although sleeps a lot, still musters up enough energy every now and then to wrestle with his younger sibling. I truly love my boys. ♡

I say all of this in hopes of encouraging someone out there to save a loving and deserving senior animals from your local shelter and give them a home and a family to love again. If you've been thinking about bringing a new pet home, show some love to the dogs and cats entering their golden years. Adopt a senior pet!


Wendy - Owner of Emerald Sun Creations


Take the Pledge! Change a Senior Pet's Life and pledge to help these animals get adopted. Add your name to the pledge below at The Animal Rescue Site. :)

Visit The Animal Rescue Site by GreaterGood


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