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Puppy Mill Action Week

Hey Y’all, Wendy here!

At Emerald Sun Creations, our mission is to not only create and sell handmade jewelry but to establish our brand as one that stands for animal rights and welfare. This week is Puppy Mill Action Week. Which is an appropriate observance to have the week before mother's day because mother dogs are usually the ones who are most affected by the atrocities and horrible treatment that happens at puppy mills.

The purpose of Puppy Mill Action Week is to raise awareness of the horrible conditions at puppy mills and fight against the mistreatment and overbreeding of these innocent animals. Mother dogs, in particular, are often overbred and spend most of their lives giving birth to multiple litters throughout their lifetime. Once the puppies are born they are usually kept in dirty, unkempt conditions and sold to pet stores or private buyers for profit. When the mother dog can no longer give birth she, and other unwanted dogs are often dumped, killed, or sent to overcrowded shelters. These animals are pretty much treated as commodities rather than friends and companions.

To help raise awareness and bring about change, here are a few ways you can make a difference to help stop the puppy mill trade.

Ways to Help End Puppy Mills:

  1. Raise Awareness - Share information about puppy mills. Contact your local government representatives and ask what is being done to help end puppy mills. Even start a petition to help raise awareness and make your voice heard.
  2. Adopt, Don’t Shop - Adopt and encourage others to adopt from your local shelter instead of shopping at pet stores (who often source their dogs through puppy mills). You can also support animal shelters by volunteering, dropping off needed supplies, donating, or hosting a fundraiser to help fund the shelter.
  3. Adopt a Puppy Mill Survivor - Give a mother dog a new lease on life by giving her a safe, loving, and caring home. Adopting a puppy mill survivor not only brings a loving animal into your home but also frees up space and resources for other dogs who need help from the shelter.

Do you have more ways to help end puppy mills? Spread the love and educate friends and family members to help save these dogs from the puppy mill trade.


Wendy Turner | Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

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