This One's for the Kitties

This One's for the Kitties

Hi Friends!

It's June and we're celebrating the kitty cats of the world! June has so many cool cat holidays like National Adopt a Cat Month, Hug Your Cat Day, Take Your Cat to Work Day, and even Cat World Domination Day. LOL! I thought it would be very fitting that we focused our donation on helping out some cat causes this month.

10% of our profits were split between three kitty cats that caught my eye and needed help.

Stevie is a small cat that was found aimlessly wandering around on the side of the road in noticeably poor conditions and rescued by a good samaritan. He was later handed over to the wonderful people at Yellow Brick Road Rescue in Nutley, New Jersey where they later found out that Stevie's eyes were severely damaged. Unfortunately, Stevie's eyes are so damaged that an eye specialist determined that they need to be removed. Our donation will be put towards Stevie's vet bill for the surgery. Good luck, Sweet Stevie!

Kenzie is a kitten that was found battling for his life after somehow losing a leg. This little one's leg was so badly mangled that the vets determined that no part of Kenzie's leg can be salvaged and that amputation is the only option to help with his recovery. The kind people of the Vegas Pet Rescue Project are now taking care of Kenzie. Our donation will be put towards Kenzie's vet bill for the surgery and his recovery. Get well soon, Little Kenzie!

Loppy is a kitten that was spotted in a narrow pothole in the road. She went unnoticed and driven over by multiple cars before the awesome people of Paws For A Cause Cat Rescue blocked the traffic, swooped her up and rushed her to the vet. Loppy had brain and facial swelling and server damage to her scalp and face. Loppy is now slowly recovering from her injuries and trauma that she experienced. Our donation will be put towards Loppy's vet bills and her ongoing recovery. We love you, Loppy!

If you would like to learn more about these rescues please visit the links below. Also, as always, please feel free to donate to these organizations directly! Tell them Emerald Sun Creations sent you. ;)


Donate to help Stevie with the Yellow Brick Road Rescue

Donate to help Kenzie with the Vegas Pet Rescue Project

Donate to help Loppy with the Paws For A Cause Cat Rescue


Thank you to all who have purchased from my shop! Together, we donated and hopefully change the lives of some beautiful animals. Thanks, my friends!



Wendy, Owner of Emerald Sun Creations

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